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Migration Monitoring at LPBO

Monitoring migrating bird populations is one of Long Point Bird Observatory's most exciting and valuable programs. Which bird species have been increasing or decreasing over time? LPBO has been gathering data to answer these questions and more since 1960, generating a vast and unique data set. Ours is the longest-running program of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

Long Point extends 32 km into Lake Erie, attracting large numbers and concentrations of birds during migration. Our team counts and monitors many species as they migrate north in spring and south in fall. Counting birds on migration is particularly valuable for monitoring populations of species that breed in northern Canada, in areas that are inaccessible to more conventional monitoring methods such as the Breeding Bird Survey. Daily standardized counts and bird banding are conducted at each of our three research stations during migration.

Interested in participating? Visit our Training and Volunteer Opportunities page.

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