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Assistance for this project was provided by the Government of Ontario

Welcome to Project NestWatch, a nest monitoring program for citizen scientists.

What is Project NestWatch?

Project NestWatch is a program aimed at getting people across Canada involved in collecting data on nesting birds. Data gathered through this project are used to follow the health of bird populations through long-term monitoring of nesting activity. The data also provide valuable information on changes in the environment, as birds are good indicators of the condition of the habitat they live in.

How it works:

Step 1: Register for Project NestWatch (click here)

Step 2: Learn how to find and monitor nests using the resources provided on this site

Step 3: Search for nests around your home, school, cottage, or elsewhere

Step 4: Monitor your nest(s) throughout the breeding season

Step 5: Submit your data online and contribute to Canada's national nest records database!

What can we learn from Project NestWatch?

Black-throated Blue Warbler at nest (Photo: S. Maslowski)

Nest monitoring can provide extremely useful information on the health of bird populations, changes over time, and the impacts of human activities on birds. With data gathered through Project NestWatch, we can:

  • Monitor changes in clutch size, nesting success, and predation rates over time and relate these changes to long-term modifications in habitat or climate
  • Evaluate the impact of predators on nesting success
  • Document basic breeding biology such as nesting habitat, nest site selection, incubation period, and re-nesting
  • Document the breeding distribution of birds in Canada

Who can participate in Project NestWatch?

Everyone! All you need is an interest in birds, and the desire to monitor a nest (or several) throughout the breeding season.

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